Einstein’s “God Letter” Expected to Fetch Over $1 Million at Christie’s Auction

Christie’s is unloading a letter from Albert Einstein in which he illuminates his embitterment with religion.

The letter was kept in touch with the German scholar Eric Gutkind in regards to his book entitled “Pick Life: The Biblical Call to Revolt”. In it, Einstein said he was glad to be Jewish, however that his pride was not established in religion. “The word God is for me only the statement of and result of human shortcomings, the Bible an accumulation of respected yet at the same time rather crude legends. No understanding, regardless of how inconspicuous, can (for me) change anything about this,” the letter says.

The 1954 letter surfaced in 2008 subsequent to being held by Gutkind’s family. It sold for $404,000 at closeout. It was recorded on eBay for $3 million out of 2012, yet a Christie’s representative disclosed to The New York Times that deal was unsuccessful. Christie’s pre-deal gauge of the letter is $1 million to $1.5 million.

Einstein biographer Walter Isaacson cautioned against considering this letter conclusive of Einstein’s convictions, saying the hypothetical physicist had composed regarding the matter on different occasions, and was not constantly reliable. Without a doubt, in his 2007 life story, Isaacson described Einstein’s “enthusiastic enthusiasm for Judaism” in his initial life.

The bartering is booked to start at 2 pm in New York.


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