A Cashierless Whole Foods Near You? Amazon’s Checkout-Free Tech Is Reportedly Bound for Bigger Stores

Amazon is intending to bring its cashierless checkout innovation to greater stores, and possibly Whole Foods.

Two years prior, Amazon appeared its arrangement for physical shopping without the checkout line in its 1,800 square-foot Amazon Go store. Presently the Wall Street Journal reports it’s wanting to go greater and is right now testing the cashierless innovation in a bigger space spread out like a major supermarket.

At existing Amazon Go stores, clients filter a standardized identification as they stroll in, select their things, and after that are consequently charged when they exit. The innovation that takes into account this streamlined experience relies upon having the capacity to follow individuals around the store and tell which things they’re getting. That is a test in customary supermarkets, which have higher roofs, greater floor designs, and more items.

Amazon’s cashierless innovation has so far been constrained to ‘Go’ stores with little impressions.

Despite the fact that Amazon has recently denied plans to acquaint cashierless innovation with Whole Foods, the WSJ’s sources say that would be the probably utilization of adjusting the innovation for bigger spaces. That could convey suggestions for Whole Foods laborers, who have just whined that after Amazon’s securing of the market they were required to act like “robots.”

At the point when Fortune requested remark on the WSJ report, Amazon said it doesn’t “remark on talk and theory.”

Amazon’s cashierless physical stores are representing another test to conventional retailers. 7-Eleven is apparently attempting to make up for lost time with Amazon, taking off cashierless innovation in a portion of its stores in Japan.


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