Asteroid to Pass Extremely Close to Earth Sunday Morning

A little space rock will come to a great degree near the Earth on Sunday morning. Fortunately, the question is too little to have effect.

The 2018 WV1 space rock, named by Northolt Branch Observatories in London, will be the third-nearest space rock to pass Earth’s surface this year at 20,450 miles.

2018 WV1 was found at the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona on November 29. The observatories’ Daniel Bamberger wrote in a Facebook post that he trusts the space rock is one of a kind from most they’ve inquired about.

“Other than its nearby methodology, 2018 WV1 is intriguing for a few reasons. One is its low speed in respect to Earth: This makes it likely that 2018 WV1 is a bit of lunar ejecta, a section of the moon that was shot out into space when a bigger space rock hit the moon quite a while prior. At the point when 2018 WV1 was found, the underlying circle demonstrated a 2 percent shot of hitting the Earth toward the beginning of December. Fortunately, that probability was discounted before long.”

Northolt Branch Observatories will watch out for its circle as it cruises by.


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