SFO Vest Vending Machine Sells Out, Converted to $2,200/mo Studio

The Uniqlo candy machine in San Francisco Airport stood out as truly newsworthy a week ago after one Twitter client seen it sold packable vests, a staple piece of the non-mold style the city is known for.

Subsequent to making $10k in deals every month, the machine has been decommissioned. The candy machine has been re-fabbed as a 22 square foot studio condo for the beneath market rate of $2,200 every month.

An announcement from Uniqlo given some lucidity to this novel choice:

“Upon the online shock, calls for input, and a huge number of dollars in month to month deals, we did some spirit looking. We discovered offering vests at San Francisco Airport to be a savage practice, given its populace is unconscious they are permitted to wear whatever else. Rather, we will lease our candy machine to Jed, where he will live.”

Jed, when gone after remark, was unfathomably amped up for his new miniaturized scale home. A multi year-old so called “crypto VC”, he observed the lodging to be “to a great degree satisfactory” and “worth the short stroll to my week by week suburbanite flights, particularly while hungover.” Though the flat is little, it is situated close to a bathroom, bar, a few eateries, and a day by day trip to Boise, Idaho.

“Airplane terminal sustenance and drink is really costly, yet I’m setting aside some cash by living here, so I wouldn’t fret going overboard,” said Jed, who recently leased a $3,600 studio condo in San Francisco’s Marina area, which he says was “twice as large.” The main drawback, Jed noted, was a consistent whirlwind of thumping from restless explorers planning to purchase a vest.

A few SFO voyagers have voiced protests about the ongoing vest lack in the airplane terminal, a comfort they’d generally expected amid their adventures. Notwithstanding the candy machine being just a year old, it was at that point a need.

One concerned voyager asked, “What am I expected to do in the event that I land at SFO without a vest? More probable, imagine a scenario in which I as of now have a vest, however it gets grimy.

While the explorer’s tensions may appear to be baseless, a few researchers have credited having remedial impacts to the vest, similar to the quieting sweater for mutts. Others have acknowledged the vest as the emblematic protective layer expected to pitch and reserve organizations with no respect for ROI or manageability, making it the must-have attire thing.

San Francisco Airport authorities said they were unconscious of a man living in a candy machine, yet would research the circumstance quickly.


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