NASA Was So Unamused by Elon Musk’s Pot Smoking Stunt That It’s Now Reviewing SpaceX’s Contract

Where there’s smoke, should there be a fire? After SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s puff of pot on the Joe Rogan Experience digital recording this mid year, NASA authorities are searching for the flares. Furthermore, no, they don’t need a hit.

NASA told the Washington Post that its survey of both SpaceX and Boeing, which have contracts to fly NASA space explorers, will “guarantee the organizations are meeting NASA’s necessities for work environment wellbeing, including the adherence to a medication free condition.” The Post reports that different NASA authorities said the reason was Musk’s open pot smoking.

The security audit will center around organization culture in a progression of many meetings, however there are likewise specialized issues in play.

In October, NASA’s Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel announced [PDF] that “current anticipated calendars for uncrewed and run experimental drills for the two suppliers have impressive hazard and don’t seem achievable.” It rebuked specialized issues for deferrals and cautioned that an impossible timetable could put teams in danger. It likewise noted advancement with respect to the two organizations.

SpaceX, which has a $2.6 billion contract to convey NASA space travelers on future missions, issued an announcement saying that “we consider important the duty that NASA has depended in us to securely and dependably convey American space explorers to and from the International Space Station.”

Aviation mammoth Boeing, which has a $4.2 billion contract under a similar business team program, said in an announcement, “As NASA’s confided in accomplice since the start of human spaceflight, we share similar qualities and are focused on proceeding with our heritage of trust, receptiveness and mission achievement.”

The two organizations guarantee they will dispatch uncrewed flights of their new rockets right on time one year from now and maintained flights later in the year.


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