Alums Want to Harness the E-commerce Power of Facebook Mom Groups

With regards to item suggestions—like, say, the best baby buggy or hair dryer—its not difficult to perceive any reason why a few customers incline toward believed sources like loved ones over online audits left by individuals they don’t have a clue. What’s more, regardless of whether those proposals come by means of gathering writings or from the armies of “mother gatherings” on Facebook, the intensity of those suggestions is something retailers have since quite a while ago salivated over.

Elizabeth Shaffer and Lizzy Brockhoff have an arrangement to bridle that control with Masse, a shopping and social stage completely centered around item proposal.

“There’s this extremely significant substance being shared between dear companions that is being lost. It’s exceptionally transient—it’s lost in strings and feeds,” Shaffer says. “Not exclusively are we making it much simpler to request and offer suggestions with companions, yet truly basically we’re inventoriing and putting away the historical backdrop of those proposals.”


The match know something about building a fruitful internet business stage. Shaffer was the primary item administrator at, and Brockhoff was the second. Both remained on through Jet’s obtaining by Walmart however left in March to begin building Masse.

The organization has fabricated an inventory of 3 million items, to some extent through associations with retailers like the authors’ previous bosses Walmart and Jet, in addition to Sephora, Glossier, and the youngsters’ attire image Maisonette. Clients—500 of whom have been utilizing the iOS application in beta since September—can request proposals for an item they’re searching for or offer suggestions for something they extremely like.

Masse takes a partner charge from the retailer on exchanges finished through its stage’s proposals. The application has strict guidelines disallowing any supported substance among its clients.

Yet, the application’s key advancement is monitoring all proposals, with the goal that clients can perceive what they and their companions or individuals they pursue have suggested months after the fact.

Clients aren’t constrained to suggesting items incorporated into Masse’s inventory and when they say they cherish something not as of now in the application’s database, it gets included. The best class clients examine is magnificence, trailed by home, design, and child and baby items—the classification that prompted the introduction of Masse. Shaffer and Brockhoff both had babies one day separated year and a half prior and were propelled to manufacture an answer like this due to their dissatisfactions with infant vaults.

Masse raised a $3.5 million seed round toward the finish of August driven by Maveron with investment from New Enterprise Associates and Imaginary. The New York-based organization presently has a group of six notwithstanding its two authors.

At the present time, the organization is firmly centered around building its locale and supporting its super clients, control recommenders who go about as influencers of the stage. All correspondence on the application is open, with no immediate message capacity yet.

“Our vision is to be the quickest method to locate the correct item for you—to slice through the messiness and give a more effective approach to clients to find and assess items on the web,” says Shaffer.


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