Uber Will Bump Its London Prices in Electric Car Push

Uber is pushing ahead with another additional charge to help London drivers move to an all-electric vehicle.

Beginning ahead of schedule one year from now, Uber will start charging riders 15 pence per mile on each outing booked in London. One penny of that will go to drivers to enable them to purchase electric autos, as indicated by CNBC, which prior investigated the move. Generally, Uber hopes to raise £200 million ($260 million) through the charge and at last give drivers £1,500 ($1,946) to drivers every year.

Uber’s extra charge is a piece of a more extensive exertion by the organization to address air contamination in London. Uber has a huge number of drivers advancing around the city, yet few have electric autos. Changing its impression to electric autos could at last help London and from a gas-investment funds point of view, help to diminish costs for its drivers.

All things considered, Uber advised this can’t—and won’t—occur without any forethought. The organization has at present pegged a deadline of 2025 for it to move totally to every single electric auto. As indicated by CNBC, Uber envisions having 20,000 drivers moved up to electric autos by 2021. That is somewhat less than a large portion of the 45,000 drivers at present in the city.

Notwithstanding supporting drivers, Uber intends to utilize the money to finance different activities in London went for enhancing nature.


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