Death of Facebook Exec’s Brother Puts Police Treatment of Black Men Under Microscope Again

The passing of a Facebook official’s sibling on account of police is attracting restored thoughtfulness regarding police severity.

Toward the beginning of October, 36-year-old Chinedu Valentine Okobi kicked the bucket in the wake of being handled and over and again tased by sheriff’s representatives in San Mateo County, south of San Francisco. At first, the news came as an activity refresh, as El Camino Real, a bustling avenue, was shut for quite a long time in what news was calling a “lethal experience.”

The sheriff’s area of expertise later said in an explanation that the man being referred to had been “running all through movement” and continued to “attack” a sheriff’s representative who moved toward him. Okobi was not associated with any wrongdoing, had no remarkable warrants, and was unarmed. The case is right now being researched.

While passing by tasing isn’t that remarkable—one gauge recommends in excess of 1,000 Americans have been murdered that route since 2000—this specific case is increasing more extensive consideration as a result of the character of Okobi’s sister. Ebele Okobi is Facebook’s open approach executive for Africa. She has went with Mark Zuckerberg on excursions over the African landmass, met with Nigeria’s leader, and got bolster from other prominent Facebook administrators like Sheryl Sandberg in light of her sibling’s demise.

In any case, in discussions with correspondents, Ebele is reminding general society that her activity and associations couldn’t keep the demise of her sibling. “That is the insane thing: benefit does not ensure you at all,” she revealed to The Guardian. “I’ve been struck by the reactions from individuals I know: ‘I don’t trust this transpired.'”

To USA Today, she stated, “There’s a piece of me that is irate this is the truth for everyone dark I know and that individuals can live totally negligent of that reality.” She clarified that she trusts that her sibling’s story will help bring issues to light among individuals for whom the passings of African Americans by police would normally not contact by and by. “I think this has helped individuals who aren’t African American and who aren’t in the African American people group perceive this is something that each dark individual faces,” she said.

Ebele trusts that she can attract more extensive consideration regarding law requirement rehearses. Her sibling experienced genuine psychological instability and there is no sign that he was carrying out a wrongdoing at the season of the lethal experience. As indicated by an examination by The Guardian, more than one of every five instances of Americans murdered by police included emotional well-being issues in 2015. Also, in 2016, African American guys matured 15-34 were nine times more probable than different Americans to be killed by law implementation.


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