Menstrual Disc Startup Flex Raises $3.5 Million, Acquires Menstrual Cup Startup Keela

Period item new businesses are a moderately little—however swarmed—space, and Flex is attempting to emerge.

The menstrual plate startup obtained another startup, Keela, a Kickstarter-upheld organization that makes a reusable menstrual container intended for less demanding evacuation. Flex likewise reported it’s raised $3.5 million this year from BOW Capital, Quest Venture Partners, and its previous quickening agent Y Combinator, bringing its aggregate financing to $7.8 million.

“New businesses commonly don’t secure different new companies. It’s quite uncommon,” Flex CEO Lauren Schulte said. “Be that as it may, it appeared well and good for us to cooperate rather than to contend with each other.”

Flex, which offers an expendable menstrual plate that is an option in contrast to tampons, cushions, and other period items, had been endeavoring to build up its own menstrual container. A reusable item, the glass requests to clients who need an earth cordial period item. The circle, by complexity, is a dispensable item that sits close to the cervix as a stomach would. Flex is a piece of a wave new companies—including Lola, a natural tampon organization, and Thinx, which makes period-verification clothing—endeavoring to make imaginative items that enable ladies to approach their periods in new ways.

“Individuals don’t comprehend the distinction between a container and a plate,” Schulte said. “We had been taking a shot at our very own measure since we in a general sense trust there’s nobody period item out there for everybody.”

As opposed to keep on pursueing its very own glass result, the two-year-old organization connected with Keela, which was simply moving out of its Kickstarter stage. Discussions between the two similarly invested new companies in the end moved in the direction of procurement talks. Keela prime supporters Jane Hartman Adamé and Andy Miller are joining Flex as a major aspect of the obtaining, the measure of which was not unveiled.

“They brought a considerable measure of know-how around the genuine outline of the glass, however the Flex Company brought a ton of know-how around assembling,” Schulte said.

Flex will make the Keela Cup and rename it the Flex Cup with slight changes to its assembling procedure, yet no change to the final result. The Flex Cup will be made in the United States, while Flex’s expendable menstrual circles are fabricated in Canada.

The key component of the Keela Cup’s plan is a draw string—like that of a tampon—that makes the container less demanding to utilize, incorporating for individuals with inabilities. Hartman Adamé has Ehlers-Danlos disorder, a connective tissue issue, and began chipping away at planning a reusable menstrual item she could use after that finding.

That backstory is like Schulte’s, who begun chipping away at Flex’s menstrual circle in the wake of anguish from unending yeast diseases and being not able discover a period item that worked for her.

The Flex Cup, Schulte expects, will add an alternate client base to Flex. To get clients keen on its two items, Flex will begin offering a Flex Discovery Kit that accompanies a container and two circles. Flex intends to get the container on retail locations this spring. Its plates as of now offer at CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens.

The organization says it dramatically increased its net income in 2018 and had an eight-digit yearly run rate this year.

This is in fact Flex’s second obtaining, since the startup procured its own assembling line from Softdisc.

With its new financing, as well, Flex intends to employ staff and work on development and innovative work.


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