Amazon Has a New Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader That’s Waterproof

Amazon has revealed another rendition of its Kindle Paperwhite digital book peruser that accompanies another element: It’s waterproof.

The online retail goliath said Tuesday that the new lower-end form of the Kindle Paperwhite, which accompanies 8 GB of capacity, will cost $129.99. A higher-end form with 32 GB of capacity will cost $159.99. The past rendition of the Paperwhite had 4 GB of capacity and cost $119.99.

Kathryn Chinn, senior item supervisor for the Kindle, said the Paperwhite is Amazon’s “most prominent and most noteworthy appraised” Kindle gadget, despite the fact that she declined to refer to particular points of interest. The organization likewise offers the barebones $79 Kindle and the $249.99 Kindle Oasis, which has the greatest presentation screen and incorporates physical catches used to turn advanced pages.

The greatest change for the Paperwhite is that it’s currently waterproof, similar to its more costly kin the Oasis. Amazon said that the Paperweight can be submerged in water for up to a hour, which makes it ok to peruse advanced books in the bath or at the shoreline.

The Paperwhite is “10% more slender and lighter” than the more established rendition, Chinn said. Also, the gadget has been refreshed with the goal that its splendor setting contains a more extensive territory, implying that you can all the more precisely alter the Paperwhite’s brilliance when perusing outside to balance the sun’s glare.

Like the more costly Kindle Oasis, individuals can now “opposite” the shades of the new Paperwhite gadget with the goal that dark content on a white foundation gets turned to white content on a dark foundation, Chinn said.

Chinn likewise said that another Paperwhite include for “information geeks” will let them know of what number of books they have perused in the most recent month, and give “tips and traps” that demonstrate to them generally accepted methods to feature certain words or utilize the organization’s Word Wise definition apparatus on the off chance that they haven’t done as such.

Chinn said there is no set course of events for when Amazon refreshes its Kindle gadgets. This is unique in relation to other tech organizations like Apple, which commonly refreshes its iPhone product offering every year with more up to date includes.

In spite of the fact that there have been “several revives” of the Paperwhite (Amazon refreshed the Paperwhite in 2015, for example), the new form denotes “an overhaul,” Chinn stated, suggesting it’s a more noteworthy refresh with its waterproof element and additional capacity.


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