This License Plate Tag Will Cost You $100,000

The Swiss town of Davos would like to help its accounts by offering a tag for something like 100,000 francs ($100,000).

The mountain redoubt is looking for offers for the label GR 35, whose letters remain for the eastern canton of Grisons and which as of not long ago was on an administration vehicle. Davos plays have every January to heads of state, corporate officials and Hollywood stars at the World Economic Forum.

There are no vanity plates in Switzerland, so labels with low or noteworthy numbers are authorities things and grown-up toys — and can get eye-watering entireties. That is on account of they are issued to people, not autos, and in this way can be exchanged or passed on to beneficiaries. Prior this year, the low-charge canton of Zug sold ZG 10 for a record 233,000 francs, as indicated by daily paper Blick.

Among tag fans, there is an uncommon market for “stunning and remarkable articles,” as indicated by Davos’ site. The region’s commitment to oversee network property and assets capably drove it to set a value focus of no less than 100,000 francs, it said.

By possibility, that is generally the sum local people should fork over for an expanded security spending plan for WEF’s coming yearly gathering. They endorsed the spending in a choice a month ago.


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