Scotch Whisky Maker Johnnie Walker Goes ‘White Walker’ in New Collaboration With HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’

Truly, evidently winter is coming. So are the occasions. In this way, occasion parties are coming.

Popular scotch creator Johnnie Walker is propelling single malt scotch whisky gathering roused by the (most likely) abhorrent White Walkers of HBO’s hit arrangement Game of Thrones. Initiating the pack are the greater part twelve jugs committed to the absolute most well-known and acclaimed celebrated families in the anecdotal domain, estimated somewhere in the range of $29.99 and $64.99, contingent upon age and hold.

Be that as it may, White Walker by Johnnie Walker is a constrained version whisky with notes of caramelized sugar, vanilla, crisp red berries, and a pinch of plantation organic product—pitched to be best served specifically from the cooler. As an additional suggestion to the client, the jug’s outside uncovers a “cold” outline when chilled.

Packaged at 41.7% ABV, a 750ml container of White Walker by Johnnie Walker will retail for $36 and is accessible across the nation.

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is a long way from the primary alcohol brand to dispatch a gathering roused by the dream arrangement including flying mythical beasts, ice zombies, and plotting families.

Vintage Wine Estates, which circulates a tremendous arrangement of wines out of its home office in Santa Rosa, Calif., offers a Chardonnay, a Pinot Noir, a Cabernet Sauvignon, and a red wine mix with mind boggling gold names reminiscent of the show’s opening credits grouping (which has won an Emmy in its own right).

Upstate New York-based Ommegang Brewery cooperated with HBO to deliver lager enlivened by the Emmy grant winning show, disclosing to Fortune a year ago that the 14,000 cases in the bottling works’ first bunch of a brew—named “Press Throne Blonde Ale”— “sold out like lightning” in the wake of being discharged in spring 2013. Another ongoing cluster, called “Curve the Knee Golden Ale,” was discharged as a group twice as vast as the first yet additionally sold out rapidly too.


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