The “Learn-It-All” Mindset Beats the “Know-It-All” at Microsoft

Great morning from Chicago, where the first-since forever Brainstorm Reinvent gathering commenced yesterday at the swanky Four Seasons inn, a couple of radiant squares from a sun-spotted Lake Michigan.

It was a thrilling day of modern America meets high innovation meets authority and collaboration adages from some remarkable experts.

A few perceptions:

* Stanley McChrystal, the resigned four-star general and America’s overwhelming warrior-scholar corporate authority advisor, figures the military should make sidelong contracts, including at its most abnormal amounts. He supposes corporate composes would include a ton, similarly as officers gather significant information from their scholarly interludes from dynamic obligation. Here’s a review of my meeting with him, including his backhanded (however clear) considerations on Donald Trump’s initiative, and additionally a video clasp of our visit.

* Mindy Grossman, CEO of WW, or the partnership once in the past known as Weight Watchers, is a straightforward, operationally engaged, and clear-thinking official who has administered the organization’s restoration in the years since Oprah Winfrey purchased a 10% stake. The way to reexamination, says Grossman, is to think about nothing hallowed. In the event that an item doesn’t serve the brand, she says, it’s gone. That is the reason the organization jettisoned 70% of its own sustenance items. Read and watch more here.

* Peggy Johnson, the marathoner and previous Qualcomm M&A official, met for an occupation at Microsoft generally to “tune in” and left her meeting having gained CEO Satya Nadella persuaded the product organization was the place for her. She credits a “learn-it-all” as opposed to a “know-it-all” attitude for the social change of the once-pleased and recently resuscitated Microsoft.

We have an entire day in front of us Tuesday, and you can take after the livestream, incorporating my meeting with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, on


Talking about changes, I exceptionally suggest Beth Kowitt’s profile of Walmart International CEO Judith McKenna, accused of regulating Walmart’s unsafe $16-billion interest in India’s Flipkart. It’s a story of an insider of an obtained organization ascending to the highest point of her new association—and being given a critical task.


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