Would You Spend 30 Hours in a Coffin For $300? Six Flags Hopes So

Halloween may be the period of panics, however Six Flags St. Louis is taking things to an unheard of level—for an exceptionally flawed reward.

The amusement stop will hold what it’s calling the “30-Hour Coffin Challenge” on Oct. 13-14, offering a $300 money prize (alongside two season goes) for one individual willing to burn through 30 hours in the 2-foot-by-7-foot holder.

On the off chance that there’s a tie, just a single individual will get the money.

Goodness, the champ likewise gets the chance to keep their pine box.

Hopefuls must remain in their boxes constantly, aside from a six-minute break every hour, when they’re permitted to step away for a washroom break. They’re permitted to have a companion there for moral help amid stop hours, however they’ll be independent from anyone else (and apparently various Six Flags representatives attempting to frighten the hellfire out of them) amid the dull, non-working hours.

It’s misty whether the pine boxes will be open or shut.

The amusement stop is at present taking enrollment applications to fill the six spots. How about we trust, for the good of they, the recreation center has an arrangement set up in the event that things turn out badly, as they did not long ago when riders were stranded on a 205-foot tall exciting ride.


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