How much do teachers get paid in the countries around the world? Kenya is surprising

The professors in Finland have autonomy and need to create a curriculum for themselves, and in Slovakia, they should teach children to love nature, so they spend one week outside the city and study things for the environment.

Profession teacher is one of the most responsible in the world, and should be one of the most respected.

While the goal is for everyone to transfer the knowledge of the younger ones, the teachers’ working day in each country is different, so in Japan they work 54 hours a week, while in France only 18.

What are the salaries of teachers in countries around the world:

Luxembourg – 10,000 euros

Teachers are seen as an intellectual elite. They often study outside and invest a lot in their own upgrading. There must be no more than 15 children in one grade.


Germany – 6,000 euros

This is a respected profession in Germany. Children are given very little homework, because the Germans believe that if children sit in school for a long time, then they have to have free time for play and entertainment.


Canada – 5,500 euros

Teachers are authority and are appreciated there. They are constantly improving, and they work annually for an average of 45 hours.


Japan – 5,250 euros

In Japan, besides education, teachers are obliged to convey the traditional Japanese values to children and are constantly under the watchful eye of the public. Japanese teachers work as much as 54 hours a week.


Finland – 3,900 euros

Finnish teachers have complete autonomy and they prepare a curriculum independently of one another. They are even in a position to help children and direct them when choosing the future profession. They work 32 hours a week and they do a little homework.


France – 2,200 euros

In France, teachers are in the high middle class. After 6 years of work in a school, they can take a vacation of 1 year and retain the workplace. There are inspectors who check their progress and determine at which of the 12 levels they are.


Slovakia – 700 euros

The salaries of teachers in Slovakia are even below the average for this state and the status of the profession in society is not at the level that it should be. Otherwise, there is practiced 1 week leaving the school and spending time in nature, where children observe the environment and study things for her.


Kenya – 450 euros

Teacher salaries in Kenya are among the highest in Africa, but in spite of that, there is a shortage of teachers in schools. There are only 4 in one school and lectures on multiple subjects at once.



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