The 20 Best Workplaces in Manufacturing and Production

Therapeutic innovation firm Stryker tops 2018’s rundown of best work environments in assembling and creation, with representatives adulating the organization’s administration style, air, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Fortune inquire about accomplice Great Place to Work overviewed thousands to aggregate the current year’s rundown of 20 organizations, which speak to an assortment of makers, incorporating those in the car, electronic, and nourishment item ventures. Investigate the organizations and what representatives needed to say in regards to them beneath and you can take in more about Great Place to Work’s system here:

1.Stryker Corporation

Base camp Location: Kalamazoo, Mich.

Industry Vertical: Medical Devices

U.S. Workers: 17,122

Worldwide Employees: 28,933

Workers say:

“I have never worked at a place where they truly think about various occasions for various races. I extremely like that Stryker does this it makes everybody here feel like their essential dates and occasions matter to the entire organization.”

2.JM Family Enterprises, Inc.

Central station Location: Deerfield Beach, Fla.

Industry Vertical: Automotive

U.S. Representatives: 4,222

Worldwide Employees: 4,222

Representatives say:

“This organization [exemplifies] its name. It is about family!”

3.FONA International Inc.

Base camp Location: Geneva, Ill.

Industry Vertical: Food and Beverage

U.S. Workers: 220

Worldwide Employees: 216

Workers say:

“Every worker can make their part, their own. They are the CEO of their part. For whatever length of time that one remains with our qualities, one can make their own way and fate.”

4.Mars, Incorporated

Central command Location: McLean, Va.

Industry Vertical: Food and Beverage

U.S. Representatives: 13,954

Representatives say:

“The unwaveringness for our organization goes past simply having a vocation and coming in for 8 hours.. it is really home far from home where my thoughts can be executed to more readily profit our organization.”

5.American Transmission Company

Central station Location: Waukesha, Wis.

Industry Vertical: Energy Distribution

U.S. Representatives: 659

Representatives say:

“I am tuned in to and have a regarded sentiment up to the most elevated amount in the organization, 4 levels of administration higher than I am. They know me, my name and my work. They urge me to refresh them on my work and give proposals to them.”


hilcorp-best-working environments fabricating creation

Base camp Location: Houston, Texas

Industry Vertical: Oil and Gas

U.S. Workers: 1,973

Workers say:

“The manner in which the organization is organized to consider contribution from all representatives and the manner in which they influence you to feel your commitments and endeavors are acknowledged makes our organization novel as I would like to think.”

7.Concho Resources

Base camp Location: Midland, Texas

Industry Vertical: Petroleum

U.S. Workers: 1,466

Workers say:

“Concho thinks about the worker and their wellbeing and prosperity. Relatively few organizations have a GYM, Cafeteria, in addition to an on location Clinic for their workers and families to use as we do!”

8.FOH, Inc.

Home office Location: Miami, Fla.

Industry Vertical: Personal and Household Goods

U.S. Workers: 118

Worldwide Employees: 145

Workers say:

“I have worked for many organizations in the previous 14 years, however I’ve never worked for anybody that qualities their representatives as much as this organization/CEO does. Despite everything I feel as eager to come into fill in as I did on my first day at work.”

9.Devon Energy

Base camp Location: Oklahoma City, Okla.

Industry Vertical: Non-Metallic Mineral Products

U.S. Workers: 2,616

Worldwide Employees: 3,487

Workers say:

“They are exceptionally worried about workers’ condition, wellbeing and security. One has the chance to create aptitudes with different on the web and in-house instructional classes. Devon thinks about representatives and undoubtedly, is outstanding amongst other work environment.”

10.Graco Inc.

Home office Location: Minneapolis, Minn.

Industry Vertical: Machinery and Equipment

U.S. Workers: 2,209

Worldwide Employees: 3,407

Workers say:

“We have an extraordinary culture that flourishes with improving tomorrow than today. Each and every representative can constantly enhance their zone of duty and make noteworthy commitments toward our general accomplishment as an organization.”

11.Arthrex, Inc.

Home office Location: Naples, Fla.

Industry Vertical: Medical Devices

U.S. Workers: 3,188

Worldwide Employees: 4,212

Workers say:

“Arthrex is an extraordinary work environment since individuals are enabled to have any kind of effect. Everybody is urged to attempt new and better methods for getting things done, which at last encourages every one of us to understand our fullest potential.”

12.Master Food Systems Inc.

Base camp Location: Holts Summit, Mo.

Industry Vertical: Food and Beverage

U.S. Workers: 138

Workers say:

“The general population and the way of life influence this an incredible to work environment! Everybody thinks about their activity and each other from the general population in the field to the general population in the workplace, from top administration to hourly representatives, everybody is approached with deference!”


Central station Location: Dallas, Texas

Industry Vertical: Building Materials

U.S. Representatives: 64

Representatives say:

“Connectrac is the kindest, most comprehensive and steady workplace I’ve ever encountered, all of which originates from the best.”

14.Reynolds American Inc.

Base camp Location: Winston-Salem, N.C.

Industry Vertical: Tobacco

U.S. Workers: 5,281

Workers say:

“I cherish my activity, my supervisor causes me develop with the organization and gives me the apparatuses expected to succeed. The organization all in all truly deals with its kin.”


Central station Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Industry Vertical: Machinery and Equipment

U.S. Representatives: 49

Representatives say:

“The dynamic of the organization incorporates individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds, distinctive foundations and societies, however every individual is dealt with well and is perceived for their identity and how they contribute.”

16.Michelin North America

Base camp Location: Greenville, S.C.

Industry Vertical: Automotive

U.S. Workers: 16,245

Worldwide Employees: 111,700

Workers say:

“I am exceptionally glad to work here and at whatever point you tell somebody you work at Michelin, they say this is an incredible organization to work for. I have had a few offers to leave for more cash, however its absolutely impossible I would discover greener grass than is here.”

17.Radio Systems Corporation

Home office Location: Knoxville, Tenn.

Industry Vertical: Pet

U.S. Workers: 588

Worldwide Employees: 701

Workers say:

“Pet sweethearts who convey their pets to work. There are insufficient words in my vocabulary to clarify how office puppies bring another level of inventiveness, quiet and feeling of ‘the now’ to any business.”

18.Niagara Conservation

Base camp Location: Flower Mound, Texas

Industry Vertical: Personal and Household Goods

U.S. Workers: 65

Worldwide Employees: 61

Workers say:

“Niagara Conservation has the vibe of independent company, however the hard working attitude of a major organization. They have been exceptionally inviting and urging to me as another representative and have been unguarded with their desires for me and my kindred workers.”

19.Creation One Winery LLC

Central command Location: Oakville, Calif.

Industry Vertical: Food and Beverage

U.S. Representatives: 91

Worldwide Employees: 97

Representatives say:

“The organization is continually supporting us in both great occasions and awful. When somebody has a sad life occasion they are there to help both fiscally and inwardly. They likewise rush to praise victories and positive life occasions.”

20.3M Company

Home office Location: St. Paul, Minn.

Industry Vertical: Manufacturing

U.S. Workers: More than 36,682

Worldwide Employees: More than 91,000

Workers say:

“There is an extraordinary level of trust here amongst boss and worker. I’ve never felt micromanaged. I discover it influences me to need to work harder, be more outcomes driven and deal with my chance better since I’m a piece of a network that feels like one major family.”


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