“Carrier is like a bad guy, she loves you when you do not depend on her” – 8 quotes for success from famous female comedians

If you have a bad day job or a series of a few bad weeks, you certainly need a dose of good words to increase your morale, inspire you and improve your mood.

These are just such quotes from the memoirs of famous women comedians who have faced many problems before they succeed in life:

About Career

“You need to worry about your work, but not about the result of it. You need to worry about how well you are and how well you feel, but not about what other people think about how good you are or how you think you look … look at your career as a bad guy. She loves you when you do not depend on her. She will run after you only if you act non-casual and prove that friendship and longevity are more important to you. “

– Amy Poller, “Yes, please”

For your relationship

“Do not waste your energy trying to educate others or change your mind. What is important? Do what you want and do not worry if they like others. “

– Tina Fay, “Sheffield Pants”

How to Choose Your Mentors?

“Working hard, knowing well what you are doing and feeling the need to get something in return. Do not listen to anyone except the two brightest and fiercest adults you know, and that does not necessarily mean that your parents are. If you do, you will be fine. “

– Mindy Calling, “Why not me?”

About ambition

“The ambition is a strange thing: it hangs you when you least expect it and makes you go ahead, even when you think you want to stay in place.”

– Lina Danham, “I’m not like that: A young woman telling you what she learned”

For passion

“I live by the mantra” The one who has the most passion “. Find people you really respect and trust and then use every scrupulous voice for each decision. I love this because it eliminates almost every fight. “

– Sarah Silverman, “The Mighty in Bed: Tales of Courage, Rebellion and Pushing”

For taking risks

“When taking risks, you learn that there are times when you will succeed and when you will not succeed, and both things are equally important. Failure is what gives you the real prospect of success. “

– Ellen DeGeneres, “Seriously … I’m kidding”

About the odds

“I can consciously miss the chances that do not have a logic, because it will be better in the future, even if I have to wait.”

– Julie Clausner, “I do not care about your band: what have I learned from indie rockers, founders of inheritance funds, pornographers, prisoners, fake sensitive hippies and the other boys I’ve come out with”

How to be likable?

“I began to see how important good friendships are in this business. I have always been naturally thorough and well-prepared, and by the middle of my thirties I have already had the unpleasant traits of my character. Maybe I’ve become someone you want to have nearby. “

– Jane Lynch, “Happy Accidents”


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