An extraordinary philosophy that will change your view of life

Jack Ma, or even known as Ma Yun, is a Chinese business magnate, investor and philanthropist. He is one of the founders of Alibaba group, and has recently been on the list of the most powerful people in the world, according to Forbes.

Jack Ma, apart from his successful business, is also recognizable by his motivational speeches.

Sometimes a teenager who rode the bike a hundred miles just to give free tourist tours of tourists liquid has spoken English in order to perfecting it, and now billionaire and one of the world’s most powerful businessmen, this man is a fountain filled with life experiences and ideas that do not stop bubbling deeply into his mind.

One of his most famous speeches, or if you can call it a philosophy of life, advises young people as follows:

“At 25, do not worry; every mistake is a gain, and a wonderful income for you. This is what I tell myself and my young people. 

Twenty years ago, be a good student. Keep close to the entrepreneur to get some experience. 

Before you turn 30? Follow someone. Go to a small company. Usually, in a large company it is good to teach the process of doing business. You are part of a great machine. But when you go to a small company, you teach passion, learn dreams. You learn how to do a lot of things at the same time. Therefore, before your thirties of life, it is not a matter of what company you are leaving, but what kind of boss you will follow. This is very important. The good boss teaches you differently.

Between the thirties and forties, you have to think very brightly if you want to become an entrepreneur. Did you work for yourself? 

When you are between 40 and 50 years old, you have to do all the things that you are good at. Do not try to get into a new area. It’s too late. You may succeed, but the mortality rate in these years is too high. Therefore, between 40 and 50 years old, consider how you can focus on things in which you are good. 

But when you reach the age of 50 to 60, it works for young people, because young people can work better than you. Therefore, take care of them, invest in them, make sure they are good at doing it. 

Well, when you are sixty or more years old, spend time on yourself. On the beach, under the sun’s rays.

This is my advice for young people. Make enough mistakes and do not worry if you fall. You fall, you get up. You fall, you get up. Know that you will enjoy this, because this is only five years old.


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