Turnover at the Top: The Number of CEOs Leaving Their Posts Is Increasing

THE CORNER OFFICE has grown more white and more male.

Indra Nooyi, who has put in 12 years as CEO of PepsiCo, will get out her work area this month following 24 years with the organization.

Nooyi is the most recent in a keeping string of Big Food and customer bundled products takeoffs. This previous year has seen the ways out of Irene Rosenfeld from Mondelez and Denise Morrison from Campbell Soup. Those two or more Nooyi were supplanted by men, leaving only 24 ladies running Fortune 500 organizations.

With Kenneth Chenault leaving American Express and Marvin Ellison leaving J.C. Penney, the quantity of dark CEOs in the Fortune 500 is presently only two—TIAA’s Roger Ferguson and Merck’s Ken Frazier—the most minimal number since we began following in 2002.

Altogether, 91 CEOs of Fortune 500 organizations left their posts as of August, as indicated by SEC filings.

Crosswise over U.S. organizations all things considered, the quantity of CEOs leaving their posts has expanded 8% contrasted with a year ago. As per Challenger, Gray and Christmas, 725 CEOs have turned in their security pass as of now in 2018, the most since 2014.

Notwithstanding the #MeToo development, only 10 of those ways out were the consequence of embarrassments.


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