The seller, who fulfilled the dream of an autistic boy, has now received help to realize his own

The seller Jordan Taylor made a move that restores faith in the goodness of people, and now goodness with goodness has returned.

A few weeks ago, a video was rolled round the video where the seller Jordan Taylor was shot as he allowed the autistic boyfriend Jack Ryan Edwards to help him handle the shelves at the store where he worked in Louisiana.

Edwards was on the market with his father when he noticed how Taylor was turning products and was fascinated by his work, so he wanted to join him. Taylor allowed him, and for 30 minutes he helped Edwards do it.

After the world heard about his good work and people around the world were touched by him, through the organization GoFundMe were collected $ 100,000 as a reward for the human salesman. This time, for him to realize his dream.

Taylor can now enroll in college and become a professor of mathematics, a profession he has always wanted, but he did not have funding for studying.

The other organization Taylor got a gift and a car.


This case is a great proof that goodness returns with goodness and that with every move we should try to spread love and positive energy.

Taylor and Edwards Viral Video:


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