Oprah Winfrey Launches a Frozen Pizza Line

The media tycoon has reported a line of solidified pizzas with outsides that are 33% cauliflower called O, That’s Good! The pizzas will come in four styles: five cheddar, uncured pepperoni, incomparable, and fire simmered veggie.

The 11-inch pies will serve five individuals, says Oprah—to which we say, has Oprah at any point seen individuals snarf down pizza?

“Pizza is a top pick, fun and simple nourishment to impart to family and companions,” said Winfrey in an announcement. “I am continually hoping to add a nutritious turn to my sustenances, so we made piece of the outside layer in my new pizza with cauliflower while keeping up that work of art, gooey pizza season you and your family love.”

O, That’s Good! is being made in conjunction with Kraft Heinz and is accessible in stores today for $6.99. The dispatch comes one year to the day that Winfrey, one of Fortune’s Greatest Leaders, started offering supermarket refrigerated soups and side dishes.

Sustenance business aside, many have campaigned Winfrey to pursue for president her discourse amid the Golden Globe grants prior this year. That run seems far-fetched, however the babble about it provoked Donald Trump to take to Twitter and assault her, calling her “shaky.”


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