5 toxic beliefs that ruin your career

Personal convictions also reflect on interpersonal relationships, personal and professional success.

Make sure you believe in one of the statements below and find out how they can destroy your career.

1. Perfection is the same as success

Totally wrong! Do you believe that it is human to sin? In fact, you must not be afraid of wrongdoing, because thanks to them you learn and gain experience.

If perfection is your goal, you can easily lose your nerves and get upset, thereby neglecting what you have already achieved.

2. The destiny is pre-determined

Destiny is actually in your hands and lies with you the blame for failure, as well as the responsibility for success.

Of course, you will have difficult times, but the next time life will give you better cards. It’s just up to you to play it all.


3. Use phrases “I always” and “I never”

In life, there is not one thing you always do or never do. With these words you just set limits.

Do not succumb to such traps, because you are a person who is capable and has control over himself.

4. Look for permission for everything from others

When it comes to working responsibilities, it is good to consult with colleagues and superiors, but that does not mean that you need their affirmation to be successful.

In fact, everyone experiences you subjectively, and you yourself are a measure of your value both as a man and a worker.

5. The past also defines the future

Leave the past where your place is. It has played a significant role in your personality, and use the lesson learned to build a better future.

Never call upon the past. If you have been successful ever, it does not mean that you will be lifelong “by default”, nor will the failure of the past make you unsuccessful in the future. The stitches are in your hands, you just need to manage them properly.


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