Tricks that will ease your eight hours in the office

Those whose job is tied to the office have many troubles that they want to solve on time.

Although many of you think that there are no solutions, luckily, there are tricks that helped many to ease the day’s work from every aspect.

If you want to include a larger organization in your desktop, make it more convenient for you to work, have more visibility and be more relaxed, the following tricks will be of great benefit to you.

Apply some of them in the fastest time:

Deodorant roll to soften the skin and prevent friction between the thighs when your feet are naked


A great “tool” that will replace the keyboard holders that are broken or missing


If your work is connected to many cables, organize everyone in a different roll from the toilet


Use spirals from a pen to prevent bending of the cables


If possible, select a standing desk to prevent back problems


Mark the cables that go into the wall outlet to never turn off anything wrong


Use cartridge boxes as a phone holder


A lying chair for keeping your feet under your desk that will ease your workday


The forks can serve as a replacement for the cooler – place it gently on 2 forks

Tip: It’s¬†better to put them back, not as an image to avoid scratches


If you are cut from paper, apply a lip balm that will protect the wound and reduce pain



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