Work From Home – YES or NO?

In the last few years, current freelance workers are not tied to only one specific job or project, nor with a typical office space or work location. This means that juggling multiple “stalls” simultaneously and most often working from home.

No matter how interesting and exciting it sounds, like any other work, this one of an outside associate or a folk speaking freelancer, has advantages and disadvantages.

To work from home or not, the question is now … let’s see who are the pluses and minuses about this topic:


You create your own time yourself

That means you do not have to get up early at any cost if you are not a pastor, that is, work by late evening hours or vice versa. You can work for hours without pausing or make 10 breaks, the choice is yours until the job is done on time.

There is no morning jams

Chaotic traffic, noise, traffic jams. People who are pushing in you, cars that are constantly playing, buses that overtake. Morning chaos. It sounds great to avoid all this, right?

There is no compulsory dress code

In translation – you work in pajamas. Or in the oldest t-shirt and underwear. Enjoy freedom and comfort. Plus, you save huge sums of clothes and shoes at work.

No one is above your head

You and only you create the rules by which you act while working from home. You do not have a boss who hangs over your head every minute or measures you to break.

You save a lot of money

We have already mentioned the savings on clothing and footwear, and feel free to fill in the list with gasoline or a monthly free-driving card, food and drinks.

Eating at home however can not cost you as much as a sandwich, pizza or salads that you buy outdoors.

If you are married or have children, you are in the lead

This type of work is especially useful if you have a family waiting for you. You can complete several additional responsibilities at home if you are well organized without wasting time onward or on.

As with any other thing in life, this one has two sides of the coin.


You do not have self-discipline

Let’s not lie – you need a lot of self-discipline if you work from home. Otherwise, you can easily sleep the day and leave the job for the next … and the day after … etc.

You are constantly relying on self-motivation

You do not have anyone in the immediate surroundings who asks you where you are and how the work progresses. After all, you have no one who encourages you or motivates you for success, except for yourself. And this can sometimes be a double-edged sword.

You do not have colleagues and colleagues

Somebody sighs and turns around with his eyes, and he thinks in himself: “I had no idea how to get them.” But that’s not always the case.

Sometimes it’s good to have colleagues, especially if it’s about interesting and quality people. Sharing energy and ideas is invaluable, and it’s proven that you become more productive than when you work alone.

You can not escape from the office

… because you are already in her! This on the one hand is a blessing, and from another curse. You can get into a claustrophobic situation in which you feel like the whole space around you suffocates you and start hating your own home just because it associates you to work.

The employer can not assess your entire work

One is when your employer is in front of you. Then you can see your whole work and enthusiasm that you put into the work and make a different conclusion for you.

When you work from home, he has only the final result before him and he will never know how much effort and effort you have invested in making.

You are processing

This is a very common case for people who work from home. Some of them have a sense of conscience that they do not work enough because they make frequent breaks, so they try to compensate.

In that case, they literally forget and work much more than the regular 8 working hours.

The moment they come up with an idea or they think of something interesting, they usually sit down to work it instead of others who write down the idea and leave it for the next day when they come to work.

A few tips for those who work from home:

As we can see, work from home as well as each other has its advantages and disadvantages. Those who experienced the two situations claim that only special self-discipline is needed when working from home.

Self-discipline in T-shirt and shorts, however – discipline.

What you need to ask yourself is – is this type of work suited to me as a person and to my character? Am I more effective and more successful when working from home or vice versa? And normally – how do I make more money?

What is important to remember is:

  • You should regularly meet with employers, whether in physical office space or in Skype. Contacts with them should be regular.
  • Treat the office space as office space, even if you are at home. Set your office time. Try to start and end the opportunity in the exact timeframe.
  • Treat yourself as if you were at work. It involves dressing as much as possible and making a break as you would if you were in a normal job.

Only in that way can you be truly productive and successful.


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