Why should you listen to music at work?

In a research done by the website  www.totaljobs.com  in cooperation with Dr. Anneli Hacke (psychologist) found that even 79% of employees can increase their productivity by listening to music during work.

Music is food for productivity

According to the survey we conducted, which involved even 4,500 people, it found that most jobs would benefit from the music, but almost 38% it is not allowed.

The survey revealed that all (almost 99%) working in large offices or wide area, would increase their productivity by listening to music.

More than half of them (59%) said that music improves the psychological state and improves mood.

Works that you can listen to music :

  • Programming (73%)
  • Data Analysis (66%)
  • Marketing (64%)
  • Public Relations (60%)
  • Art (59%)

Best genres for work

This research also dealt with what kind of music would best improve the result of the work.

It turned out that the 5 most popular genres that will improve productivity are:

  • Pop / Folk (folk-rock, not turbofolk) / Indie (35%)
  • Rock / Grunge / Metal (26%)
  • Rap / R & B / Soul / Funk / Jazz (18%)
  • Electronic / Dance / House / Dance (12%)
  • Classical / Instrumental / Lounge (7%)

Interestingly, the most popular musicians in this poll are Drake , Kendrick Lamar and rock band Foo Fighters .


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