A few ways in which Queen Elizabeth earns millions + what an incredible treasure she has

Since the issuance of her father’s property to the State’s compensation, the Queen earns a lot, but the luxurious life of the royal family costs too much.

Members of the British royal family lead a sumptuous life and it definitely has its price.

Did you know that each year it takes 358 million dollars to run the monarchy? Only the salaries of royal staff are a small fortune.

How does Queen Elizabeth and her family come to this money?

The Queen receives a grant from the state each year

The grant comes through the state treasury funded by taxpayers. In exchange for this financial assistance, the Queen agrees to give the British government 15% of the royalties each year.

In 2015, for example, this grant was about $ 49 million. It pays personnel in the palace, travel and other running costs.


The Queen has a private income called “Privy Purse”.

It comes from a vast land of 45,600 acres that has buildings for business purpose but also for agriculture. This private property of the Queen in 2017 brought her $ 26 million.


The queen has a personal fortune of nearly $ 415 million.


All royal members are millionaires, from Prince Charles to Prince William and take pay from the state.


The Queen of her father has inherited the luxurious property of Sandringham Estate.


It has an art collection worth millions.


The UK royal family owns all gold and silver, as well as limestone, coal, and so on.

This includes gold found on someone’s property. If they decide, any UK resident may receive a notification that the royal family will search his property for minerals, for example.


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