8 subtle signs that you are a workaholic, even if you refuse to admit

To enjoy the work is one thing, and being dependent on it is something completely different.

It’s good to want your job and in the morning that your feet are not coming back home, it’s okay to stay over and over, but it does not need to be exaggerated.

Have you ever heard how close relatives tell you that you are cowardly and how many times have you “pumped out” for socializing because of work, even though you could have made a sacrifice?

There are signs that you are dependent on the work, although you do not want to admit it.

How many of them are you finding?

You enter the first and get out of the office

8-subtle-signs-deca-ste-vorkoholik-though-you refuse-you-admit-02.jpeg

You can not unsubscribe from email and reply to all calls even when you are on vacation


Do not worry about your body and your health starts to crack


The feeling of value is entirely related to the success of the work

8-subtle-signs-deca-ste-vorkoholik-though-you refuse-you-admit-05.jpeg

You do not have other hobbies or interesting activities that you practice out of work

8-subtle-signs-deca-ste-vorkoholik-though-you refuse-you-admit-06.jpeg

You are never satisfied with the performance and you always want more


You never tell the boss “no” and you always accept more work

8-subtle-signs-deka-ste-vorkoholik-though-you refuse-you-admit-08.jpeg

You get angry when they call you a winker

8-subtle-signs-deka-ste-vorkoholik-though-you refuse-you-admit-09.jpeg


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