Looking for work after graduation?

Finding proper work after graduation can be a painful and exhausting experience, especially at a time when we are confronted with a general economic crisis, unfair competition and harsh conditions for achieving success. However, the numerous obstacles on the road should be taken as a challenge and serve as additional motivation to achieve the goal.

In addition, we offer you tips to help you train your mind and maintain your reason while you are caught in the grip of a challenge called job search.

  1. Find the job search as a real thing. By the time you enter the list of employees, looking for work is actually your job. It entails full commitment, investing a lot of time and energy, daily search for advertisements, CV preparation and motivation letters adapted to job vacancies, preparation for interviews in front of a mirror, perfecting communication skills. Quitting an active job search significantly reduces the chances of success.
  2. Be realistic in expectations. You just graduated and immediately expect work from dreams, which will include an official car, an expensive mobile phone with an unlimited number of impulses and a thick bank account? It is a big mistake to refine all the energy in finding the ideal job, rather than finding the first thing in life. Restore your expectations and remember that the road to the goal is patchy and not easy. The reality is that you do not have a day’s work experience and start from the bottom. The sooner you accept reality, the easier you will face new challenges. Instead of waking up and frowning, grab the day with a smile and optimism and be prepared to invest a lot of effort and energy.
  3. Prepare impeccable CV and motivation letter – without mistakes and lies. Make sure there are no typographical errors in both documents and do not attach false data. It’s clear that you are a beginner, and therefore nobody will believe you if you provide unrealistic information about your previous experience, if you do not own it at all. Ask for a recommendation from your professors or mentors. You do not know exactly at what point you need, but it’s good to be on time.
  4. Look at present and online. Open your own profile on social networking sites such as LinkedIn. Experts suggest that self-promotion through a personal blog can have a huge role in the race called job search. I’d be surprised to find out how many of the employers check your blog, facebook or Twitter account before they call you for an interview or immediately after. Be also representative in the virtual world, however ridiculous it may seem to you.
  5. Do not be overestimated. Work experience is not acquired overnight. It takes time to acquire certain qualities, which, unfortunately, can not be learned in faculty benches and from the theories that have been served by the professors. Come humbly and show interest and desire to learn something new. No one will hire you if you think you know everything and you feel that you do not need any improvement or professional upgrade. Remember that the process called learning never stops.
  6. Do not limit yourself to one option. In a perfect world, everyone would be at the desired job, for which he spent his hard-earned years studying. However, remember that it may take a certain period of time to reach the ideal working position. In the meantime, while looking for a job, try to fill the time with additional activities, such as volunteering or internship. You will expand your acquaintances and get in touch with many new people who may be of assistance to you in the future. Your work experience in the CV will constantly be enriched, which is certainly a huge plus and advantage. If you pull yourself in and fall into a depression because you are not currently doing the work for which you have mastered, it is likely that you will never achieve success.
  7. Do not compare with others. Some think that the key to success lies in comparison with other people who would foster your competitive spirit. But such a procedure can cause a counter-effect and lead you to despair and resentment. Do not forget that everyone is an individual for himself and a special person. You and only you are responsible for your success or failure. Comparison with other people will not bring you any good while fighting unemployment . Work to achieve your goals and protect yourself from other people’s experiences.
  8. Do not live with the thought “Everything is relationships” . Yes, family ties and political determination in our country are an important factor in the employment process and at times will be the main reason why you did not get the job for which you were running . But that should not discourage you. Many companies know how to recognize and evaluate quality, and it is your job to offer them exactly that. Apply to all advertisements that offer work in the area you want to develop. You will not lose anything if you send 50 or even 100 CVs more.
  9. Surround yourself with positive people and keep the enthusiasm. Finding a job is never an easy task. It is likely that you will get tears to the inevitable moment when you begin to question your own qualities and (un) reliability of the future. In such moments, seek the help of your loved ones and friends whom you trust. Trust them and, if necessary, seek help. Remember that there will be many ups and downs and confrontations are sober with failure and injustice, because they are only stops to reach the big goal.


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