How to increase motivation in the workplace?

It’s easy to be motivated when you start a new job for the first time . Then the thrill is great, and each new task is a challenge that you want to master to go ahead. But over time, it often happens that the job becomes dull and monotonous, so you lose your motivation, which leads to a decrease in productivity. Motivation should be your priority, because that’s the only way to stay on the right track to success.

To advance your career, you need to find a way to self-motivate

The motivation should come from you. Of course, you can inspire both the achievements of others or the money you earn, but in order to get away in life you need to be determined to achieve your goals.

Since in our country it is rare for companies to take care of the motivation of employees, you need to find a way to self-motivate. The following tips will help you increase your motivation, and thus be more satisfied with what you are doing:

  1. Define your goals. People are often demotivated because they have no goals, i.e. do not know what they really want to achieve in their lives on a professional plan. You must have goals that you want to achieve, because if you do not, you can stay in the same place for a lifetime. If you feel that your goals are too ambitious, set aside little sub-goals. Success gives birth to success. Any achievement of small sub-goals will be your motivation to move towards the ultimate goal.
  2. Expect that everything will not go as lubricated. It’s rare for things to go the way you want and if you are not ready to face problems and obstacles, your motivation will drop significantly. Be realistic and understand that things rarely happen as planned. You should realize the small problems on the road to success as a challenge that you can master.
  3. Think about the reasons you are working on. In order to save motivation in the workplace, it’s not a bad idea to have a list of reasons why you work. If one of these causes is money, then think about things that you can buy with the pay you get. Another reason may be that current work can help you get to the new job you want. Family support can be another reason. To remind yourself regularly about why you are in the workplace and why you need to stay motivated, place on your desk a picture frame from your family. Whenever you are demotivated, just look at it and you will have sufficient reason to restore your ambition.
  4. Create a pleasant working atmosphere. If your desk is overcrowded, it will only create anxiety and tension, especially if there are hundreds of documents that you need to scan on it. Get them away in a drawer and take them one by one. This will not create tension and frustration. If you are sitting in a sitting position for a long time, make sure that the chair is correctly positioned and that the seats are upright. Do not let your work stopping your body. If you are comfortable, your productivity and motivation will increase.
  5. Make a visual reminder. On a large sheet of paper, type all the duties you need to perform at a certain time. Then regularly update the list by marking all the tasks that you have already completed, the tasks at which you are currently working and tasks waiting for the order to start. Instead of a sheet of paper, you can use a computer program, but it’s much better to keep the list right before your eyes. This will help you to see that you are progressing and that slowly, slowly the tasks are reduced.
  6. Set your deadlines. Even if you do not have real deadlines set by your superiors, you set your deadlines for completing your tasks. So you will be under greater pressure and you will be motivated to finish your work on time, and sometimes even prematurely. If you are working on larger projects, you can also inform your loved ones about the deadlines that you have set up to increase the pressure.
  7. Set your limits. Set your own strict limits when it comes to work. Define exactly when you arrive , and when you leave the job, find time for a few small breaks while you are in the workplace. Define what is your responsibility and what is not. You can not always help your colleagues. Let them handle their obligations on their own.
  8. Join with motivated people. Avoid the colleague who constantly complains that he is not working and that he does not like his job. Be in the company of colleagues who are passionate and who have a positive attitude. Let your motivation give you inspiration.
  9. Reward your success. Whether you get a bonus for a job well done or not, when you achieve something in a professional plan, celebrate. Whenever you finish something big or when you have a successful project, get dressed in an exclusive restaurant, buy a new piece of clothing, a new book or visit a beauty studio to enjoy some beauty treatments.
  10. Be eager to learn more. To maintain your high level motivation, be eager to learn something new and improve your abilities. Attend courses to improve communication skills. Constantly read professional literature in your area. Read books on people who have succeeded in life – their resume can serve as an example. When you know that you are getting better, your ambition, and therefore your motivation, will increase.


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