Bonton in the office: Things that people with good manners and culture never do

Although depending on the company, the atmosphere and behavior are different, there are certain rules that need to be respected everywhere.

Those who have good manners refer to certain etiquette principles and rules wherever they work.

If you want to successfully build a career, have a good relationship with colleagues and be respected, you need to go to certain business etiquette rules.

Well, what are the most common mistakes you make in the workplace and what is what cultural people never do:

Do not follow the general etiquette rules

The real gentleman should always let the woman pass before him, but there are different rules in the office.

According to the modern etiquette, one should enter or exit the one at which the door is closest to him.

Women not only open doors themselves, they can also let men go before them, and the same goes for going out or entering the elevator.

Women carry their own clothes, put them on and dress up their jackets, and if they have difficulty, then men can help.


Not late without notice

In the workplace you should always get on time, but you can always have an unplanned delay.

In such a case, for each delayed minute, 2 minutes of warning is followed.

So, if you think you will be late for 10 minutes, you should notify 20 minutes earlier.


Do not borrow work accessories from colleagues

According to the business banton, you do not need to borrow a work from your colleagues.

Also, some have a habit of playing and turning an object that they have found on a foreign bureau, which is very uncultivated.

Always keep enough of the necessary work accessories, such as pens, stickers, notebooks, tape recorders, scissors, pegs and whatever you need for the work to take place normally.

The same is true even for a mobile charger, because it’s very uncultivated to constantly look for colleagues.


They do not wait for the superiors to be greeted first

Subordinate employees first hail, and then superiors retaliate. The superintendent should first greet only when he enters a room with more employees, so he should first say greeting words.

Do not knock in a room with more than 3 people

According to the office bin, it is necessary to knock on the door before entering, only if there are fewer than 3 people in the room.

If there are more than three, you can freely enter without warning and handle all present.



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