After 5 years of studying millionaires, I realized which 15 habits prevent us from enriching ourselves

The things that YOU DO NOT do in life are decisive about what kind of life you will have. That’s why they may not be able to make money.

Tom Corley is author of “Rich Habits” and “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life”. He spent 5 years in the company of millionaires and discovered which habits prevent us from reaching our goals and dreams.

He discovered that millionaires have some common habits such as building quality relationships, setting goals, and taking on calculated risks.

But he also made a list of habits that prevent us from enriching ourselves:

– We do not read to learn new things.

– We are not following our dreams.

– We do not create goals that will motivate us.

– We do not return immediately to phone calls.

– We do not wake up earlier to work on self-improvement.

– We do not save money.

– We do not invest smartly.

– We do not do more than that for which we are paid.

– We are not avoiding wasting time.

– We do not do what must be done.

– We are not connecting with other successful people.

– We do not take responsibility for our actions in life.

– We do not participate in charity actions.

– We do not practice every day and do not eat healthy.

– We are not human in general.


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