Why should you listen to music at work?

In a research done by the website  www.totaljobs.com  in cooperation with Dr. Anelli Hake (a psychologist) found that as many as 79% of employees can increase their productivity by listening to music during work.

Music is food for productivity

According to a poll conducted in which 4,500 people participated, it was found that most jobs would benefit from music, but almost 38% of them do not allow it.

The survey reveals that all (almost 99%) working in large offices or broad spaces would increase their productivity by listening to music.

More than half of them (59%) said that music improves the psychological state and improves mood.

According to the survey, these are the 5 professions that mostly allow music at the workplace:

  • Programming (73%)
  • Data Analysis (66%)
  • Marketing (64%)
  • Public Relations (60%)
  • Art (59%)

Best genres for work

This research also dealt with what kind of music would best improve the result of the work.

It turned out that the 5 most popular genres that will improve productivity are:

  • Pop / Folk (folk-rock, not turbofolk) / Indie (35%)
  • Rock / Grunge / Metal (26%)
  • Rap / R & B / Soul / Funk / Jazz (18%)
  • Electronic / Dance / House / Dance (12%)
  • Classical / Instrumental / Lounge (7%)

Interestingly, the most popular musicians in this poll are Drake , Kendrick Lamar and rock band Foo Fighters .


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