Teenager earns a fortune through YouTube: “I do not need another job”

She wanted to become a celebrity on social networks and her dream came true. Jen McCalister, 18, earns so much from YouTube that she does not need any other work, and she does not like her.

When she left her home she had a clear vision of how to succeed. 5 years ago she began to record videos on YouTube and perfectly exploit her potential.

But even three years ago, together with her friends began to work seriously.

With the help of the advice from friends, they made a common channel.

Today, this teenage girl has hundreds of thousands of fans, and earns from advertising certain products in her clips.

Her recent hit video “Kids Back Than Vs. Kids now “has been reviewed almost a million times.

According to the criticism he refers to today’s young generations and peers, it is obvious that he is not a big fan of modern technology and “smart phones”.

“I’ve never had a real job and I honestly do not think I will have it in the near future,” she told Buisness Insider.

– I want to become a famous host or actress. That would be my next step. – added Jen

See her most popular video:


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