How to get the salary you want this year?

If you are looking for a new job or career advancement, there are several simple negotiation tricks to help you get the salary you want.

Here’s how to look for the salary you want without insulting the superiors:

1. Keep silent until the entire interview process is completed

Dan Martino, founder of Martineau Recruiting Technology, says you should avoid revealing any details about your salary until the interviewer asked you.

If this question is asked at the beginning of the interview, the candidate can indicate the current salary and ask within the range of the already existing salary.

2. Give a strange, but extremely precise number

A New York agent advises you to use some strange but accurate figure when negotiating. For example, instead of asking 500$, you can ask for 550$.

Malia Mason is the chief researcher of a study done by The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and she supports this theory that you need to ask for a strange figure.

3. It’s okay to give a counterpoint, but never more than once

After they submit a proposal amount, most companies expect a counter-bid. However, Eddie R. Kohler III, executive agent and partner at Koller Search Partners, says you do not have to negotiate more than once.


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