How to become a millionaire before turning 30 years?

The acquisition of wealth and millions is a taboo, and if someone assures you that you can have it before you fill 30, it will sound elusive, but if you follow these 9 rules you will realize that it is possible.

1. Follow the money

If you constantly think about them and how to get them, with their monitoring and dedication, make sure they will soon notice and jump into your hands.

2. Do not hide, but stand out!

Instead of being afraid and shy of your abilities and talents no matter how frustrated they are, do not hide them, but emphasize them. Only in that way, you “risk” someone to notice and pay you to make them even more prominent.

3. Save to invest, do not save only to have

Do not save just to feel like doing something smart, save for saving to invest in what you believe. The money under the pillow is not going to multiply itself, right?

4. If you are good at work, do not do it for little money or for free

At first, you are allowed to work for little money or for free until you stand out enough, because then you are in euphoria and your work is more important than salary. But, furthermore, do not let things work for nothing if your work results in huge success.

5. Treat money like a jealous partner

Millions are like a jealous partner, if you do not pay attention or ignore them, they will go to the hands of someone who sees them as a priority. But treat them in a way that you will never let them escape from your hands.

6. Poverty is a disease

Everyone deserves to live in abundance, and a person who thinks he is not capable of getting the same is ill, because poverty is a disease that you must cure with your thoughts and sufficient persistence followed by a desire if you really want to be rich.


7. Follow the actions of the rich people

Never follow procedures to handle money from your friends, parents or partner, because if their actions were correct so far you would be a friend, lover, or child of a millionaire, right? Follow the procedures of the successful and wealthy because they only know the secret.

8. Make earned money into your dreams

Do not keep earned money for decoration, invest in your dreams and goals because the result will be inevitable if you really believe in yourself and your abilities.

9. Strive to 10 million, not just one million

Although this is a “cliché” saying, it’s best to aim for more and get less, but never to be satisfied with it, but to aim for even more. If you aim at 10 million, and you get one million, you will remain motivated enough to get a million plus, which will take you one stair above your 10 million.


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