Google employees reveal 3 tips for greater productivity

Apart from being among the best companies in the world, Google is known for the progressive and original views of things.

They work differently from any other company, have a unique approach to work, and even the job interview questions are creative.

Google employees found three tips for greater productivity that everyone can apply:


When employees feel that their brain is “stuck” and no longer have energy, they meditate. One minute a day, turn off your thoughts and relax. It’s enough to restore productivity and get things done on time.

Use the time wisely

With so many workloads, Google employees often work overtime. But they know how to organize the time in the right way, so that they share their tasks by days.

For example: On Monday, when you have the least energy, complete the easier obligations, on Tuesday and Wednesday energy is already increasing and then you can dedicate yourself to more complicated tasks.

Work with colleagues

Co-operation and communication with colleagues is one of the priorities of Google’s employees. They have a “open door” policy, which means that everyone can enter someone’s office whenever they want and consult with colleagues for a particular job.

They also make friends between themselves and outside working hours, thus strengthening friendship.


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