Discover the Japanese recipe for business success

The Japanese have always been known as the most valuable people on the planet. The secret of their success is not only in the perfect organization of time and …

… work, but also in the discipline and impeccable arrangement of the work space.

The Japanese put their offices and work space in perfect condition respecting the principle 5C, that is, five actions that begin in their language with the letter S.

Respecting this philosophy called Kaizen , they are less engaged in unimportant things, so they direct all energy to work.

See what the Japanese are doing to avoid stress at work and be more valuable and more productive.

SEIRI – defining
This principle implies the division of working material into indispensable, immediate and unnecessary. All you need to do is put in a green box or folder, everything is urgent in the red, and what is unnecessarily immediately thrown away.

SEITON – Editing
Seiton means, first of all, the proper placement of the necessary working material to work better and more efficiently. Everything you need must be in your vicinity, and the material you use occasionally in the closet.

SEISO – cleaning
Cleaning of the work area is a very important part of the organization of work. The goal is to create an ambience without dust and dirt that will help you feel more comfortable in the workspace, but also work much more efficiently.

SEIKETSU – control
It is very important to always check twice what you have done. You may lose a minute more, but you will be sure that the job is done well. This way you will achieve better results, and the quality of everything you have done will be at a much higher level.

SHITSUKE – discipline The
last C is a discipline, that is, a training that educates all staff on how to abide by all the stated rules. In this way, work habits are created in the collective, on which basis the employees work as a single team.


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