Banker left his job to become a hairdresser: Today he has 9 salons and earns $ 903,000 a year

They say happiness follows the brave, and this is precisely the case with David O’Neill, who left the sure thing in a bank and decided to take risks.

David O’Neill, 32, had a successful career in the banking sector, but when he turned him down for the promotion he thought he deserved, he decided to make a drastic change in his life.

He gave up his resignation and enrolled in a hairdresser course. Today it has nine hairdressers and earns more than $ 903,000 a year.

For comparison, while a bank employee earned $ 44,000 a year.


David reveals for his interesting story:

“I had a safe job at a bank, but I am ambitious and I’ve always dreamed of opening up my own private business. When I asked for improvement and I did not get it, I knew it was the right time to go on. The denial was in fact the best thing that ever happened to me. “

David got the idea of opening a hairdresser after trying to trim his son.

“My boys always complained when I was supposed to wear them to a hairdresser, so I decided to do it myself. It was my idea to let me play some movie or play on the PlayStation while I was working and really liked it. “

Thus opened the “Shortcuts children’s hairdressers” salon where children up to five years old sit in chairs as mini-cars during the haircut, while the larger children play the PlayStation or watch cartoons.

He transforms all the children’s experiences into fun. The salons are colored in bright colors and adapted for the smallest ones.

David opened the first salon in 2014 in Milton Keynes, and today it has nine salons with a total of 30 employees.


Now plans to open another company with a chain of cafes in which there will be a fun part for the smallest.

He tells everyone that leaving the job is a really terrible and risky experience, especially when you have small children. But you must get the courage to do it if you want to achieve your dreams.

David also adds that his wife, Kylie, was as firm as a stone and had the greatest support during the whole process.

The atmosphere in his salons:







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