7 unusual professions with good earnings

Nowadays, when everyone wants to become owners, directors, managers, there are other numerous unusual occupations that can quickly bring you quick money. Some of them are: deodorant tester, chef in an Australian submarine, pearl hunter in Australia, ethical hacker, trampoline designer, golf ball hunter …

1. Deodorant tester
If you want to check if the deodorant acts, you will receive 40 euros. But your task is not as easy as it looks because you need to smell the user under the bosom to feel the deodorant effect. Therefore, this work must be dealt with by people whose scent is very sensitive and that have no fear of people who are sweating.

2. A Chef in an Australian Submarine
The task consists in swimming around the world’s seas and ingredients in narrow-space cans to prepare meals for your companions. The earnings are about 140,000 euros a year. The starting salary is 43,000 euros, but it increases with various bonuses, so with the acceptance of the work you will receive a prize of 36,500 euros. It is desirable, in addition to knowing how to cook, not to suffer from seasickness and narrow space.

3. Pearl Hunter
This ideal job can bring you up to 1,000 Euro per day. The thing is to dive into the ocean and search for precious pearls. It is important that you are in good physical condition and have a keen eye.

4. Hacker
It is your responsibility to enter a company’s computer system to indicate to the authorities the possible disadvantages when it comes to data security. With this job you can earn between 50 and 90,000 euros a year.

5. Tailor Designer
You need to think of a honeymoon that lovers of this kind of entertainment offer an incredible experience. This work can bring you a monthly salary of three to five thousand euros. Condition is a completed mechanical faculty and lush fantasy.

6. Golf ball hunter
Believe it or not, but to work this job you have to complete a diving course, which is a prerequisite for getting the job done. Your task is to search for golf balls that have fallen into the lake or the fish farm on the golf course. Each found ball costs from 25 cents to 1.4 euros, which means that for 80,000 balls annually you can earn up to 80,000 euros, or even more.

7. Wine Waiter For wine
experts, this job can earn up to 117,000 euros a year. The work consists in placing appropriate wines for a particular meal and wine tasting. An academy is required, a multi-year experience and a sommelier exam.


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