500 billionaires agree: Only one thing helps you succeed

80 years ago, journalist Napoleon Hill studied and explored the lives of the 500 richest and most influential people in the United States. The results of his research have been shown in his book Think and Become Rich, in which he talks about 13 principles of becoming rich.

The 10th principle, “Converting energy in the love of work,” says that love and passion are decisive factors in whether you will succeed.

Hill wrote: “Out of all human emotions, passion and love are the most powerful. And the most powerful people, those who rise the highest, know this best and have a strong woman who loves and supports them in everything. ”

Today, after almost a century, we hear the same about some of the most successful women. “The best choice in my career is choosing a husband,” said one of Facebook’s directors, Cheryl Sandberg, who has a fortune estimated at $ 1.1 billion.

A survey done at the University of Washington has shown that spouses have far better chances of a higher salary, if they have a partner who supports them and gives them full freedom to develop in a professional manner.


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