What happens when you do not leave the job even when you are on vacation?

If you are one of those who are waiting for a break with your soul but can not resist checking the official email and even getting involved in the work, then you may have a small psychological problem and you should consider really relaxing.

According to the findings of psychologists, even if only half an hour work during the day while you are on vacation, you cheat on your brain and he will not realize at all that, in fact, he should not be able to work.

If you have a dynamic job, it is sometimes necessary to get involved, but there are great chances that your body and brain will not at all experience that you rest, on the contrary, will behave just like on weekdays.

Also, there is a chance that you will not enjoy as a vacation, as you do activities like any other day, even though it happens with reduced intensity.

Perhaps during the year you dream of those 7, 10 or 15 days in which you are completely excluded from work, but when you arrive on vacation, however, check what happens at work.

It’s even easier nowadays, thanks to the technology.

However, if you do not distance yourself from work even in those seven days, the body will still be exposed to stress.

What is the medicine?
Simply bring your smartphone, but not your laptop. Laptops are dangerous because you can easily earn and finish many things, which not every mobile phone allows.

Indeed, returning e-mails and checking the work can be complicated by a mobile phone, so you will not fall into the trap to work even on the holidays you legally receive.

Instead, use your phone to capture all the beautiful places you visit. In such a case, you will surely have a real holiday.


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