Robots come to the stage: What jobs will they take after 20 years?

Shia, bartenders, sellers, bankers … Here, the robots will enter the scene!

We live in a world when technology develops with the speed of light. How to get out the first mobile phones yesterday, and look at how many options and how many other gadgets there are today.

Technology really makes life easier for us, but is it scarce for you to think that in the future it can replace almost everything?

In the next 20-30 years, some professions may disappear:

Instead of giving face to face, education is increasingly being reduced to new methods online.

Distance learning with an individualized process suitable for your level through various online platforms.

The autopilot is perfect for replacing seamstresses, taxi drivers, polygraph workers, miners …

Also, postmen will disappear at the expense of electronic communication.

Shoppers, hostesses in restaurants and hotels, trainers in fitness centers, are part of the professions that robots can perform.

The number of tourist guides will be reduced as online booking and self-directed travel is cheaper.

Trade and marketing
Waiting queues in front of the cashier while the cashier calculates how much you need to bring back the cake and put the products in the bag will become a thing of the past.

In the future, with automatic cash registers in stores, the number of employees in the markets will dramatically decrease.

Financial sphere
Banking workers will be replaced by powerful user-friendly applications.

You can easily make the development plan for your pension fund online.

The number of journalists in the media will be reduced. The Associated Press is already using a robot for news writing.

Still do not despair, professionals will be looking everywhere. A robot can write an automated medium-grade story, but for something powerful in the right way, however, a reporter will be needed.

Technology can only be replaced by routine work that takes time and effort and we can use that time to dedicate ourselves to really important and complex tasks.

Of course, judging by the development of technology, the IT sector is the best choice for educating your children. Robotics, bioengineering, finding new energy sources are spheres that will blossom in the future.


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