How really should the energizing nap last?

Young businessman sleeping by his desk in office

Power naps are short-lived, but designed for a short time to restore energy and restore the brain and body in a ready state of operation.

Also, energetic slumber can improve professional performance, but also reduce unwanted mistakes that can be made when the brain and soul are literally sleeping, and the concentration is at the lowest level.

The nap cycle

If you are a shift worker, then sleeping is a very important element, especially when you need to work late in the afternoon or at night. Of course, these energetic drowses are short, usually up to 30 minutes, and significantly improve both concentration and memory. But if work and time allow you, it’s best to sleep for about 90 minutes, because then, besides rest, your creativity improves.

If this is not possible, try to sleep 90 minutes before the second or night shift.

Where to slip?

A real problem while you are at work is to find the location where you close your eyes, without it being obvious to colleagues and superiors. This is particularly difficult in the open type of oceanic offices. But in many large corporations, the installation of comfortable armchairs and mattresses is already being used for this purpose.

However, sleeping at the workplace remains a taboo topic, both with the employer and colleagues who have managed to have a light and high-quality sleep, and they rarely have to fall asleep or lose concentration during working hours.

To help yourself at least, go to the break room or, for a few minutes, swap and rely on the head of your hands. Better anything than nothing, right?


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