How to hate less Monday!!

Ah, it’s already Monday. Your leisure and your free time are limited, and your work duties grab a huge amount of the day.

Unfortunately, Monday always comes, you can not escape from it. But you can change your feelings towards this “hated” day. Here are some suggestions on how to like the beginning of the working week:

  1. Use the weekends maximally. It is unlikely that you will have a great Monday if you had a miserable weekend. No matter how ambitious and committed your career, you must use the weekends to enjoy and relax to the full. Visit new and new tourist places, try new specialties, organize family and social celebrations without a reason. When you have beautiful memories in your head over the weekend, you will feel more satisfied with life and push the negative emotions that are born from the thought of the hated Monday to the bottom.
  2. Get yourself an attractive / new fashion combination. Look incredible on Mondays and so you will feel. Make yourself a fashion combination in which you feel comfortable and modern and confidently walk around the day. Prepare your clothes on Sunday night to skip the morning hanging in front of a closet with the idea “What should I wear today?” . If you have a new piece of clothing, book it for Monday. You will be eagerly waiting to see what the reaction of the colleagues will be.
  3. Mondays set the alarm half an hour earlier. As much as you are tempted to get out of bed, make an effort on Monday to get up early . If you do not rush on the preparations and arrive at work for a minute earlier, you’ll be more relaxed all day long.
  4. Go to the hairdresser or manicure exactly on Monday. When you know that beauty treatment is waiting for you at the end of the working day, you will go through your obligations with greater ease. Another positive side of Monday’s beautification is that there is not so much movement around the beauty parlors, so they will pay you more time for you.
  5. Stop living for the weekend. Surely you have read a bunch of statuses “I hate Monday” , “I can not wait to come Friday” , “Yee, weekend is” . This way of thinking reinforces negative emotions. Yes, it’s true that weekends are the most entertaining, but nobody prevents you from having mini adventures during the working week. It all depends on you and your attitude.
  6. Think of the unemployed and be grateful and happy that you have a job. Think as follows: While you hate the Monday, many yearn to have a job and be in your place.
  7. Take the temptation to sleep the weekend. It’s easy to sink into bed and sleep 12 hours a day on Saturdays and Sundays, but you will not compensate for the dream that takes your work week. On the contrary, on Monday your body will be difficult to adjust to the new schedule of sleep and getting up. Make sure you wake up at the weekend at about the same time as during the working week and you will win the Monday laziness.
  8. Hide yourself a little sweet surprise. Every Friday you leave in the drawer from the desk in one small chocolate or your favorite candy. Every Monday you will see a smile on your face when you see a little surprise.
  9. Make the Monday schedule on Friday, but do not insert too many commitments. Instead of leaving some of your unfinished Monday commitments, finish as many as possible on Friday, then plan what’s on the agenda on Monday.


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