8 things for yourself that it’s not unwise to reveal to colleagues at work

While you are at work, no matter what relationships you have established with some of your colleagues, some things for you should simply remain unpunished.

The first thing we need to have in the workplace is professionalism and failure to personal matters and relationships with others. But sometimes you get close to some of your colleagues, so it’s inevitable to know a little more about you.

However, while you are primarily colleagues from work, you should silence some things:

1. Your political determination

Politics is always a sensitive topic that can cause conflict, because rarely anyone has respect for the other’s attitude and thinks that he is the most correct. Therefore, avoid revealing your views, even if you are the most neutrally determined person in the world.

If there is a confrontation between colleagues on the subject of political ideals, it can easily happen that the situation escalates into a serious quarrel and be exchanged for some insult. Indeed, you do not need it at work.

2. Your opinion that someone is incompetent

Always in any company or team there is at least one person who is incompetent, untalented and inappropriate for the workplace that occupies it. Just like you, it’s very likely that others are aware of it.

Instead of persuading, snitching or commenting on that person, you might be able to offer your help to improve yourself. If you react, you can drag your colleagues’ wrath on you and have a negative opinion about you.

Report the problem only when it is obvious that this person completely hampers the effectiveness of others.

3. How much money do you make?

Your salary is a business secret between you and your employer, and this is a rule that does not depart from you. Therefore, do not tell your colleagues how much you earn, because you can find out that someone takes a double salary from you, or someone else is offended to take a smaller one. Save this information for yourself.

4. You hate this thing

At a given moment, everyone hated their work, but few people said it loudly, in front of the collective. By doing so, you risk drawing a label of a negative person who is not a team player, but also to reach the employer.

And yet, it will not be difficult for him to publish an advertisement and ask a person who has more enthusiasm to do your work.


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