3 things to quit if you want to become a millionaire

If you want to consult an “expert” about how to get rich, probably the best you can do is talk to a millionaire who independently created his wealth.

Steve Sibil is the author, lecturer and one of the world’s most renowned experts in training and mental control. As a self-built millionaire, Sibil devoted himself to developing and improving sales strategies for corporations such as Johnson & Johnson and Toyota.

According to his rich experience, Steve believes that everyone possesses what is needed to become a millionaire.

“How many things in life, and attracting money is not much different than learning a second language or reducing the balance,” says Steve.

Below, read out 3 life habits you need to wean, if you want to get rich.

Buying things you can not afford

“The middle class of people is known for living a life beyond their own capabilities,” explains Sibil. This group of people are precisely the ones who are most responsible for fulfilling their personal life pleasures.

For example, they are borrowing to buy a car, go on a semi-luxurious journey, or afford some satisfaction beyond their financial framework.

That’s why, Steve advises to get rid of the focus of borrowing, even from classical savings, and instead focus on investing . The key to success is to postpone today’s consumption for the future.

Realizing other people’s dreams

Many of the richest people in the world have achieved their goal, because they have begun to work on the realization of their dreams, instead of the others. When you get enough courage to quit working life with the universal working hours of 8-16h and start to realize your ideas and realizations, then you will realize that “self-employment” is the fastest way to success.

Focusing on saving

Never think about how to save, on the contrary, make an analysis of how to earn more. Rich people literally “master” this topic. They are one type of experts who focus on their mental energy and they focus exclusively on big money business.


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